Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Autumn time has arrived at the Five Bells!

Herd at the Bar October 2010

Whilst hosting Dickie Pages Funeral yesterday the herd was noting the loss of another Colne Engaine Stalwart. Dickie who had lived in the village for around 70 years and had been a driving force with the Football team the “Engines” another of his passion was that of a Hoarder he collected everything to do with the Football team, the Village and anything to do with the English Pub. Hoarding in this day and age is frowned upon but I’m proud to be a hoarder and I think there are still a few of us out there even though we are constantly urged to purge our lives of irrelevant “tat” but this tat sometimes gives the best account of our social history .I used to House clear with my father and we always showed great relevance toward the deceased belongings. We would always collect the flotsam and jet sum of their lives and offer it to relatives to preserve but usually many weren’t interested and as it had no real monetary value we would with permission take it home and store it. I still have postcards, letters, trinkets, school books and like of people I never met in life but now know more about their lives after their death than has ever been recorded. The lesson here is that many know the price of everything and value of nothing. Luckily Dickie`s son Trevor has kindly donated his fathers collection so it can remain in the village that he loved and will be catalogued with Parish Archive .

Were Jam`in!

A quick glance at the hedge rows and no doubt you will see abundance of berries and fruits. Don’t delay quickly pick a basket and have a bash at Jam`in. Fruit & Sugar in perfect harmony it doesn’t take much equipment and you may not get it right the first time but whether it’s runny or firm a bit on some toast is great.
Use apple to Bulk out some Blackberries, rosehips, Crab apples or Damsons. You also have a chance to make Sloe Gin for Christmas it is very simple and you can’t go wrong if you follow Hugh Fernley Whittingstals Recipes from the River Cottage Series try Blackberry Vodka with a splash of Soda and you will see it was worth it

X Factor!

With Pub regular Matt Cardle in the final few on X factor, the herd was discussing fame. The young heifers and bullocks as I like to call them are a talented bunch and I love to see them entertain at the busker’s nights at the Pub. But many disillusioned youngsters are sacrificing more than their dignity to be famous for 5 minutes, it seems you don’t need a talent just a different take on reality to be in front of the camera or on the front page of the SUN. thank god Big brother is finally off the air, it was only our own morbid curiosity that kept that evil programs ratings up. I only have mention one name to justify my case of being famous for being famous Paris Hilton