Monday, 8 November 2010

Coming to the end of 2010!

Can you believe that we're almost coming to the end of 2010!? At the Five Bells, we're almost full for Christmas Parties and planning events for 2011 without fail! In January we're going to host a Wine & Food Experience Evening on the 20th January, followed by our Fantastic Help For Heroes, black tie evening the next weekend!
Of course I am here to plug the pub as much as I can, but it is most certainly for your benefit! We've started to serve food all day on Saturday and Sunday and also do a takeaway Fish & Chip service on Thursday & Friday 5pm-7pm, what more could you wish for on a cold Winter day!
Our Beer Festival was a huge success and we also raised £150 for Help for Heroes and Essex Air Ambulance.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Herd at the Bar November

Tattoo you will regret.....
A lubricated conversation came up across the bar the other evening about tattoos, mainly prompted by the sight of a lady around late forties sporting a Celtic band on her upper arm which due to her rapid expansion had changed colour, size, shape and resembled inner tube draped around her bingo wing. This lead to how when you choose a tattoo in haste you will in 20 years time cringe when you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror, Your life could move down a completely different path to what you had expected but that bit of blue ink could become a barrier to any further progression. Now I don’t have a tattoo not because I don’t want to, (I think they look fantastic on the right person and for right reason) but for the simple reason that I have never made up my mind long enough to get one permantly inked into my skin. But I think I really must get one soon and it really should be a big colorful bad one at that and placed on a part of my body that will expand. So in 12 or so years time when one of my sons thinks he will rebel against me and asks if he can have one I can lift my shirt and drop my trouser for display that will defiantly put them off the idea forever.

Ever decreasing Friends or the price of love....
Did you know that according to research every time you enter a new romantic relationship you lose close friends, because romantic partners absorb time that would otherwise be invested in platonic relationships?
A new partner on average pushes out two close friends, leaving lovers with a smaller inner circle of people. So it seems if you’re not that lucky in love or a bit picky eventually you will end up with just your chosen one and no one else to turn to in times of crisis, not a good position but there is an answer – flirting.
Flirting it seems that even though in Britain it has a bad name is actually good for you, it may even be the foundation of civilization as we know it. Human behavior psychologists argue that the large human brain – our superior intelligence, complex language, everything that distinguishes us from animals – is the equivalent of the peacock's tail; a courtship device evolved to attract and retain sexual partners. Our achievements in everything from art to rocket science may be merely a side effect of the essential ability to charm, and it creates friendships from which you can pick and choose a suitable mate (a bit like having your cake and eating it) and where better to flirt than down the Pub (you knew where this was going) with aid of a little alcohol. It seems 27% of British couples met at the Pub, You ask where in the Pub is best to flirt the answer the bar counter as its universally understood to be the 'public zone', where initiating conversation with a stranger is acceptable so it seems the Herd are a bunch of flirts.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Autumn time has arrived at the Five Bells!

Herd at the Bar October 2010

Whilst hosting Dickie Pages Funeral yesterday the herd was noting the loss of another Colne Engaine Stalwart. Dickie who had lived in the village for around 70 years and had been a driving force with the Football team the “Engines” another of his passion was that of a Hoarder he collected everything to do with the Football team, the Village and anything to do with the English Pub. Hoarding in this day and age is frowned upon but I’m proud to be a hoarder and I think there are still a few of us out there even though we are constantly urged to purge our lives of irrelevant “tat” but this tat sometimes gives the best account of our social history .I used to House clear with my father and we always showed great relevance toward the deceased belongings. We would always collect the flotsam and jet sum of their lives and offer it to relatives to preserve but usually many weren’t interested and as it had no real monetary value we would with permission take it home and store it. I still have postcards, letters, trinkets, school books and like of people I never met in life but now know more about their lives after their death than has ever been recorded. The lesson here is that many know the price of everything and value of nothing. Luckily Dickie`s son Trevor has kindly donated his fathers collection so it can remain in the village that he loved and will be catalogued with Parish Archive .

Were Jam`in!

A quick glance at the hedge rows and no doubt you will see abundance of berries and fruits. Don’t delay quickly pick a basket and have a bash at Jam`in. Fruit & Sugar in perfect harmony it doesn’t take much equipment and you may not get it right the first time but whether it’s runny or firm a bit on some toast is great.
Use apple to Bulk out some Blackberries, rosehips, Crab apples or Damsons. You also have a chance to make Sloe Gin for Christmas it is very simple and you can’t go wrong if you follow Hugh Fernley Whittingstals Recipes from the River Cottage Series try Blackberry Vodka with a splash of Soda and you will see it was worth it

X Factor!

With Pub regular Matt Cardle in the final few on X factor, the herd was discussing fame. The young heifers and bullocks as I like to call them are a talented bunch and I love to see them entertain at the busker’s nights at the Pub. But many disillusioned youngsters are sacrificing more than their dignity to be famous for 5 minutes, it seems you don’t need a talent just a different take on reality to be in front of the camera or on the front page of the SUN. thank god Big brother is finally off the air, it was only our own morbid curiosity that kept that evil programs ratings up. I only have mention one name to justify my case of being famous for being famous Paris Hilton

Thursday, 22 July 2010

We’re now meeting even more of our Customers needs at the Five Bells, Colne Engaine!

At the Five Bells in Colne Engaine our new Head Chef, Steve Flemming has bounded into business working very hard alongside the team and our customers alike to bring something very special to our new menu!
We have always served a handful of gluten free items but over the past few weeks it was brought to Steve’s attention how many people suffer with dietary problems and how difficult people find it to dine out as they struggle to find a menu that they can eat – it seems more the case that they eat the only bland item on the menu that is available.
From much hard work in both speaking with customers and research along with many hours in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients, Steve has been able to come up with a menu, where by almost every item can be made gluten free, this includes Fish and Chips, Pasta & a whole array of desserts! Many customers have tried & tested items from this new menu and can’t taste the difference what so ever, even the presentation including the colour of the food remains the same – genius!
Steve has said ‘if you want something special or specific please call a couple of days beforehand & we will strive to achieve your request’.
The menus have been given lots of thought along with many testing trials to ensure that we were getting it right!
The menu is going live on the evening of Wednesday 21st July and we hope that we will now be able to please many more people!

Monday, 19 July 2010

New Wine List & Menu at the Five Bells

We're very proud to announce that we've introduced a new wine list and also a new food menu, which includes a wide selection if dishes that are gluten free & that can be tailored to suit many dietary requirements...something we discovered is in big demand but that many restaurants don't cater for! Our Head Chef Steven has even created a gluten free batter so fish & chips can be enjoyed!We'd love it if you'd come to the Five Bells and try our new menu and let us know exactly what you think as our customers views are so important to us. The aim of the Five Bells is to make it as fun & accessible for everyone!
We all thoroughly love living in Colne Engaine and enjoy the fact that the Five Bells is a social hub, it's certainly a village to be proud of!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Engerrrrland! Engerrrrland!

All join in, Enger-land! Enger-land! But it's all over!
I delight in the National myopia and Pub camaraderie at the Five Bells, which has kicked in (not to mention the beer sales) for the World Cup and any other major tournament. I love the way we still sing about the year of ‘66 like it was yesterday.
We’re such a strange race, so loyal, so persistent about our status in the World of Sport, but then so lacking in the Patronism of “Good ol’ Blighty” when it comes to anything else. Remember the support of England shouldn’t just be for the World Cup but for the whole year.

Festive time of year

The first of the season’s big pop festivals begun last month, and another chance for the youth and the young at heart to wear those straggly bits of yarn around their wrist like a Service medal with the aim to collect as many as they can throughout the year and keep them on, putrefying and collecting dirt until they dissolve.
In fact comparing festivals to warfare is about right, you have to travel hours usually on major motorways in a steaming hot vehicle, then jostle for hours to gain entry just to have all your food and drink removed just so they can sell you some inferior overpriced warm rations, then have all your senses overloaded with noise and flashes whilst wading through mud, myra and overflowing toilets and all with out point.

Fun & Frolics in the Sun at the Bells

This month at the height of Summer following Solstice a couple of weeks ago, the Five Bells team have been working extremely hard, satisfying our fabulous customers with ice cold beers & Pimms, along with delicious summertime food including Ploughmans and mackerel salad. Steve, our new Head Chef is working incredibly hard to create some new and exciting menus to tantalise your taste buds! He is also working hard on developing foods for our customers with specific dietary requirements so that our menu can be enjoyed by all! We always welcome any feedback that you have so please don't hesitate to contact us with your thoughts

Monday, 7 June 2010

Wow, what a cracking weekend we all had at the Colne Engaine Festival! The weather was just awesome, the Colne Engaine Festival Committee had pulled out all the stops to make the occasion a huge success.
The programme of events included air shows, dancing from Elizabeth School of Dance, dog agility, live music, quiz night, donkey rides, bucking bronco, stalls with stunning local handicraft and of course the Five Bells Bar & BBQ!
Temperatures soared into the late 20’s, bringing people flocking to festival in their hundreds!
The BBQ was quite literally on fire, it seemed that everyone was in need of a good old sausage or burger, that’s not to mention the buzz at the bar, glasses of Pimms were being ordered, quicker than the bar staff could make them, and with Visor on tap at a special festival price the bar was a necessity as a serious thirst quencher.
The festival always creates such an amazing sense of community and brings so many people together, many people are fund raising too & it’s just the perfect way to kick back and relax for the weekend. It brings young and old together as well as old friends that have moved away but come back to reunite!