Thursday, 22 July 2010

We’re now meeting even more of our Customers needs at the Five Bells, Colne Engaine!

At the Five Bells in Colne Engaine our new Head Chef, Steve Flemming has bounded into business working very hard alongside the team and our customers alike to bring something very special to our new menu!
We have always served a handful of gluten free items but over the past few weeks it was brought to Steve’s attention how many people suffer with dietary problems and how difficult people find it to dine out as they struggle to find a menu that they can eat – it seems more the case that they eat the only bland item on the menu that is available.
From much hard work in both speaking with customers and research along with many hours in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients, Steve has been able to come up with a menu, where by almost every item can be made gluten free, this includes Fish and Chips, Pasta & a whole array of desserts! Many customers have tried & tested items from this new menu and can’t taste the difference what so ever, even the presentation including the colour of the food remains the same – genius!
Steve has said ‘if you want something special or specific please call a couple of days beforehand & we will strive to achieve your request’.
The menus have been given lots of thought along with many testing trials to ensure that we were getting it right!
The menu is going live on the evening of Wednesday 21st July and we hope that we will now be able to please many more people!

Monday, 19 July 2010

New Wine List & Menu at the Five Bells

We're very proud to announce that we've introduced a new wine list and also a new food menu, which includes a wide selection if dishes that are gluten free & that can be tailored to suit many dietary requirements...something we discovered is in big demand but that many restaurants don't cater for! Our Head Chef Steven has even created a gluten free batter so fish & chips can be enjoyed!We'd love it if you'd come to the Five Bells and try our new menu and let us know exactly what you think as our customers views are so important to us. The aim of the Five Bells is to make it as fun & accessible for everyone!
We all thoroughly love living in Colne Engaine and enjoy the fact that the Five Bells is a social hub, it's certainly a village to be proud of!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Engerrrrland! Engerrrrland!

All join in, Enger-land! Enger-land! But it's all over!
I delight in the National myopia and Pub camaraderie at the Five Bells, which has kicked in (not to mention the beer sales) for the World Cup and any other major tournament. I love the way we still sing about the year of ‘66 like it was yesterday.
We’re such a strange race, so loyal, so persistent about our status in the World of Sport, but then so lacking in the Patronism of “Good ol’ Blighty” when it comes to anything else. Remember the support of England shouldn’t just be for the World Cup but for the whole year.

Festive time of year

The first of the season’s big pop festivals begun last month, and another chance for the youth and the young at heart to wear those straggly bits of yarn around their wrist like a Service medal with the aim to collect as many as they can throughout the year and keep them on, putrefying and collecting dirt until they dissolve.
In fact comparing festivals to warfare is about right, you have to travel hours usually on major motorways in a steaming hot vehicle, then jostle for hours to gain entry just to have all your food and drink removed just so they can sell you some inferior overpriced warm rations, then have all your senses overloaded with noise and flashes whilst wading through mud, myra and overflowing toilets and all with out point.

Fun & Frolics in the Sun at the Bells

This month at the height of Summer following Solstice a couple of weeks ago, the Five Bells team have been working extremely hard, satisfying our fabulous customers with ice cold beers & Pimms, along with delicious summertime food including Ploughmans and mackerel salad. Steve, our new Head Chef is working incredibly hard to create some new and exciting menus to tantalise your taste buds! He is also working hard on developing foods for our customers with specific dietary requirements so that our menu can be enjoyed by all! We always welcome any feedback that you have so please don't hesitate to contact us with your thoughts